Version 2.0

  1. Newspaper downloads fixed and working again!
  2. The application doesn’t depend on the current date any more and does not do the old fiddly string manipulation to figure out which paper to download, which one it is etc. Everything is not flexible and will adapt to changes at the download source.
  3. Also some more small improvements to performance and engine.
  4. New engine makes sure that the newspapers will work much better from now on. No more broken application because of changes at the source from where we download the images!
  5. The app will take a few seconds the first time to download some code mappings from the source. This will only happen once and subsequent loads will be faster.
  6. After the first load, go to “Menu” and click on “Download Papers”. You can download the papers every day after roughly 7-8am GMT.
  7. "Menu" -> "Toggle Sports/News" switches the menu between sports and news papers.
  8. "Menu" -> "Switch Front/Back Cover" when viewing a cover switches between back and front.
  9. Please email me with any bug reports or requests!

akpegr said: ps: a newspaper preview menu (instead of text) on start page would also be awsome :)

That way for us (without unlimited data) it would be better to just download a thumbnail of the newspaper cover (few kilobytes only), and just select the covers we want to fully download from the main menu.

I will add these to the “to do” list and keep you posted! I am doing as much work on this as I can fit in!

Thanks again,


akpegr said: kalispera aris :)

is there a chance we could have Greek News Papers save it's data to the SD? I just updated newspapers and it added a whooping 22.5mb of data into my main memory :(

hey! this is now implemented as per your request ;)

if the device has a writable sd card mounted, the papers will be downloaded onto the card. if not, they will be downloaded on the phone memory.

Hope this helps!


Greek News Papers for Android Update

Hi everyone. New version in the market including fixes to the newspaper downloads - apologies but a couple of days ago the news paper source decided to mix up some identifiers. Anyway, all good now! Also a couple of small improvements like centering and scaling the covers to individual device screens when first opened up etc.

Please keep bug reports and / or requests coming.

Also, if you get a couple of minutes please do rate the app and leave a comment in the market, it would mean a lot to me!

Thanks for the support!


Greek News Papers for Android is broken!

Hi everyone. I am aware of the issues with downloading the papers over the last 3-4 days and currently working on a fix! Apologies!

Stay tuned!


Get the app!

Here’s a QR code to go straight to the app in the market:


Greek News Papers v1.3

Just a quick post to say v1.3 is now up in the Android market with major improvements to the newspaper viewing experience:

  • Implemented Pinch-Zoom
  • Touch scroll now working much better


App update

Just to let you know, v1.2 is now on the Android Marker. I’ve updated the app with the following:

  • Removed Sport FM as a source, the same papers are covered by Gazzetta, including their back covers so Gazzetta is the way to go.
  • Changed the way the images are loaded and displayed so that when you zoom in very close the small print is still very clear and legible.
  • Check there’s an internet connection before starting to download the images

A couple of bugs / oddities for me to sort out:

  • The zooming and moving around is far from perfect. On my HTC Hero I use the roller ball to zoom in and out and touch to move around (depending on your device instead of a roller ball you might have to use the D pad buttons). Zooming and moving around will be improved - hopefully to include pinch zoom at some point.
  • Switching to the back page and back again to front is done by pressing the menu button while viewing a page. Quirk here is if you’ve been zooming in and out you need to touch your display before pressing ‘Menu’ otherwise the menu refuses to come up.
  • Same applies to going back to the list of papers when viewing an image - need to touch display before pressing back.

These last two issues I will try to resolve as soon as possible. The zooming stuff will follow.
Apologies for these quirks, this is my first android app so I appreciate your patience!
Do let me know at any point if you need any help or come across any problems.